Finally, an affordable, no leachfield septic solution for lakefront, rocky or other small plot building challenges.


NextGen Septic treats water inside the system with a multi-step, active treatment process that goes beyond traditional septic capabilities. Our patented process first expedites aerobic treatment (traditional septic aerobic treatment can take months after water drains into the surrounding leachfield). Then, the advanced membrane filters out solids and impurities and UV technology disinfects water, returning the water to a reusable state that can be piped out for irrigation or other non-consumption uses.


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NextGen Septic Advanced Reuse System
Septic 101

The NextGen Advanced system was designed for homeowners who need and value full wastewater treatment inside the system, with no leach field required. The water is so clean it can be discharged into a stream, into an underground leaching chamber to replenish the aquifer, or into a small-sized leach field. The water can even be safely released into storm drains.

This Septic 101 educational session is packed with information on how septic systems work, what the challenges with current septic solutions are, and where the future of decentralized wastewater treatment is headed. 

Report: Decentralized Wastewater Treatment 

This report, presented to the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit in June 2016, outlines the risks and opportunities facing wastewater management today, including challenges faced by agin septic communities and the opportunity presented through new septic technology. 

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Some states and counties may not allow the benefit of a no-leach field option despite our treatment levels. Also check local regulations on the reuse of gray water or treated water. We are working to expand approvals across the US and internationally. Feel free to contact us about your region.

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